Golob Landing Centerpiece of Port Efforts

A decade of unbelievable hard work and dedication has resulted in the breathtaking Golob Landing development. The Port of Sunnyside has been working on the development of Golob Landing since 1999. 

After 10 years, the industrial park officially opened in mid-2009 with its first tenants, Dr. Swofford and Dr. Halma’s medical clinic. 

Golob Landing is a 106-acre property located near East Edison Road in Sunnyside. The cost of the project was more than $3 million, which included receiving funding from Yakima County and the state of Washington. The majority of the crucial industrial development project at $1.5 million, was funded by bonds. 

The project is named after longtime Port commissioner J. Richard Golob. Golob, who served as a Port commissioner for 24 years, owned the property along Edison Road. 

Golob Landing was a mammoth project for the Port. Port officials developed roads, installed water, sewer, gas, electrical and street lights in the area. The Port also complimented the development with the addition of sidewalks. 

There will be many opportunities for a variety of businesses in the Port development. The southern part of Golob Landing has been zoned for light industrial. For the second phase in the development of Golob Landing, the property will be designated heavy industrial. Golob Landing is particularly beneficial for business because it is easily accessible from Interstate 82. There are also no adjacent land use conflicts that would interfere with business development. 

Port officials are excited about the completion of Golob Landing. The development of the park will help generate business growth in the Sunnyside area. The development of the property will also help create additional income for the Port to help fund other projects that further enhance economic growth. The growth potential for business within Golob Landing will be attractive for companies and help generate new jobs that will stimulate the local economy. 

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Posted March 17, 2014

Golob Landing Centerpiece of Port Efforts
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